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In the summer of 2002, three graduate students from New York University’s John W. Draper Program in Humanities and Social Thought and the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies entertained the idea of creating a publication by and for the graduate community at NYU. Reflecting on their experiences as interdisciplinary students, they envisioned an intelligent, literary space in which to converge upon, examine, and debate the broad themes that ground the work of the graduate community. The result of these early efforts was Anamesa, NYU’s provocative semiannual interdisciplinary journal. Soon after its inception, we began to imagine the possibility of engaging in conversation with graduate students beyond NYU, and since then, Anamesa accepted submissions from students at universities and colleges across America. Each issue was tied together by a specific theme, such as democracy, culture, violence, and subversion. Embracing as many forms of expression as we can print, Anamesa published essays, photography, artwork, fiction, criticism, and poetry. We released a call for submissions at the start of each semester that details the upcoming theme and invites submissions from current and recent graduate  students. The new issues of Anamesa were available to the graduate community in print and online versions by the end of each semester.

We underwent a revamping in January, 2017 and was relaunched as Caustic Frolic as an endeavor to come closer to the public. While maintaining some of the ideological goals and formats of Anamesa, Caustic Frolic attempts to broaden its exchange and impact to beyond the graduate community and reach the general public. We are still a student-run, non-profit organization funded and supported by New York University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences’ Center for Experimental Humanities, formerly known as John W. Draper Program in Humanities and Social Thought. We publish on a semiannual basis, collecting submission from both academics and non-academics around the globe.

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19 University Pl. New York City, NY


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Our mission is to promote a pluralistic intellectual exchange powered by purposeful observation and poignant questioning amongst both academics and non-academics. We are looking for collisions of ideas and opinions; not a unified discourse with a specific political or social agenda. We aim to provide a collection of honest, sometimes sarcastic, critique of our actions and the directions in which our society is heading.


Our staff members are graduate students of the Center for Experimental Humanities, Graduate School for Arts and Sciences, New York University. Our academically and culturally diverse staff will do their utmost to assemble a medium for intellectual exchange in this dappled world.  

Whitney Davis


Whitney Davis is currently a second year graduate student at The Center for Experimental Humanities (CEH) at New York University and the Editor-in-Chief of Caustic Frolic. After receiving her undergraduate degree in Secondary English Education at Missouri State University and teaching high school English near her home in Kansas City, MO, she decided to return to school to study the phenomenal effect of social media on contemporary youth culture. Outside of work and school, she spends as much time as possible going to concerts, visiting museums, and trying new ice cream flavors around New York City. Whitney can be reached at wtd220@nyu.edu

Merisa B Sahin

Editorial Director

Originally from Istanbul, Merisa received her BA from Bogazici University in Political Science and Sociology. She is currently in her second year at NYU’s Center for Experimental Humanities. When she is not studying or working, she likes to sing and plan trips for the next decade. She also translates books sometimes, and her translation of The Great Regression was recently published in Turkey. Merisa can be reached at mbs599@nyu.edu

Cody Carmen

Senior Editor, Fiction and Poetry

Cody is in his second year at CEH. He completed his undergraduate education at Vanderbilt University, where he double majored in English and Political Science. After a year outside of academia, he decided it was time to return and continue his studies in literature, masculinity, concepts of freedom, and anything else that caught his eye. He is committed to “a life of excellence, dogs, my faith, and my faith in Joseph Conrad”. Cody is also a contributor to the TFC. He can be reached directly at crc504@nyu.edu.

Clemence D Kim

Digital Director

Clemence D Kim is a digital director for Caustic Frolic. He majored in philosophy at Wesleyan University and taught for C2 Education in California. He is a second-year graduate student at the Center for Experimental Humanities and is a freelance interpreter and translator. He recently wrote a short novella with illustrations titled, Raven Tales – From Birds, To Homo Sapiens. He is a proud father of Gwengster, a black domestic short hair from the streets of Brklyn some five years ago. He enjoys birdwatching, football (soccer), scribbling, sketching, Civilization V, and cooking. He will be pursuing law at American University, Washington College of Law from Fall 2018.

Alice Riddell

Senior Editor

Alice Riddell is the senior editor of the Non-Fiction section of Caustic Frolic and is in her first year at CEH. Originally from the UK, she received her BA from King’s College London in Philosophy and her MSc in Social and Cultural Anthropology from University College London (UCL). Alice’s research interests include memory studies and the relationship between religion and modernity. Outside of school she enjoys guitar hero, table tennis and cheese.

Emily Davis

Senior Editor

Emily is the senior editor of the art section. She is a first-year student at the Center for Experimental Humanities and a fiction writer. After studying creative writing and social and political history at Carnegie Mellon University, she came to New York to eat, think, and stare at impressionist paintings, all things she enjoys doing when she should be writing.

Fiona Haborak

Social Media Coordinator

A Connecticut native, Fiona Haborak recently entered NYU’s Center for Experimental Humanities with a soft, nihilistic approach. Her work focuses on an art known as cosplay. Fond of prose, she toys with the idea of language. As Caustic Frolic’s Social Media editor, she tirelessly prowls the Internet’s colorful wasteland. Her hobbies include finding new diners to haunt and enjoying the quietude of museums.