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Terms and Conditions

By Brianna Abbott Stan Jackson hadn’t moved in about three days, unless you count wheeling his desk chair into the kitchen as moving. He tried to ignore the large, dark circles under his eyes whenever he glanced at his reflection in the computer screen. Sleep would have to wait; he had a project for Financial [...]

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Nursing Red

By Annette Tacconelli Handwoven red chenile cloth and found copper coils, with deconstructed hand embroidery, red thread, copper wire, seed beads, crystals.   Annette Tacconelli "I am interested in articulating the invisible. Within my Urban Artifacts series, the mundane plays important; along with the flowering of the potential in all things and moments." As a [...]

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  By Sarah Fields Archival Pigment Print, 2015   Sara Fields is an artist and educator from Austin, TX. She recently received her Masters of Fine Arts from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Her work has been exhibited across the United States and she is currently represented by Photo Méthode Gallery.

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  By Shaun Berke Oil on linen 40x52 inches   Shaun Berke is an American painter of the Venetian School; apprenticeship, Odd Nerdrum, Stavern, Norway; apprenticeship, Richard Houston, Venice, Italy; apprenticeship, David Luce, Pasadena, California; instructor, Art Center College of Design; B.F.A., Art Center College of Desing; A.A., Moorpark College; member, Getty Research Institute; member, Portrait [...]

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By Seamus Mullin She could not shower for three days because the water made her nervous. It was a fever of the brain. It was a complete loss of control. If not for the letters, she would have forgotten her own name. She waited along the route of the heroes’ parade to see her soldier [...]

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First Dream

  By Alexandra Malouta Acrylic on canvas 36” by 24”   Alexandra Malouta is a native of Houston, Texas. She completed BAs in Earth and Environmental Science and Studio Art at Wesleyan University in Connecticut, and later an MS in Geochemistry at Rice University. Her art focuses on translating the physicality of geologic processes and [...]

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What Next?

  By Luma Jasim Mixed media Plaster, tissue, transfer photo, tar, oil, acrylic, charcoal, ink, and shellac on wood panel framed with aluminum sheet 48x48x2 inches   Luma Jasim is a multimedia Iraqi-born artist. Jasim emigrated from her home country to the United States in 2008. During the last nine years, Luma accomplished a full [...]

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