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by Emily Kako Masuda

This series reflects the magic of nostalgia through representations of my childhood hyperfixations. Our perceptions of past memories are made up of vivid visuals, overwhelming emotions, and a sense of pleasant simplification. However, to recall the past is also to experience the disorientation and dissonance of loss. Nostalgia has the power to transform loss and longing into something palatable, intriguing, and dream-like. Do we capture nostalgia, or does nostalgia capture us?

Watercolor and mixed media on paper. 13” x 9.5” […]


fall thunder drums

fall thunder drums

by Michael Lee Johnson

About the Author

Michael Lee Johnson lived 10 years in Canada during the Vietnam era and is a dual citizen of the United States and Canada.  Today he is a poet, freelance writer, amateur photographer, and small business owner in Itasca, DuPage County, Illinois.  Mr. Johnson published in more than 1072 new publications, his poems have appeared in 39 countries, he edits, publishes 10 poetry sites.  Michael Lee Johnson, has been nominated for 2 Pushcart Prize awards poetry […]

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by Carl Scharwath

About the Author

Carl Scharwath, has appeared globally with 170+ journals selecting his poetry, short stories, interviews, essays, plays or art. Three poetry books Journey To Become Forgotten (Kind of a Hurricane Press), Abandoned (Scars Tv), and Lake County Poets Anthology have been published. His first photography book was published by Praxis. His photography was also exhibited in the Mount Dora Center For The Arts gallery and their exhibition “Be A Part Of It.”   Carl is the art editor […]


Nonfiction: Fever Dream

Wang Chutong

I once had a fever dream. I dreamt I was missing, falling into the deep abyss of time. I sensed the touch of waves and the sweet sounds made by gulls flapping their wings most joyously. I dreamt I was traveling, most intensely, through mysterious mists of early morning, but a clear cracking of knuckles or a grin, a clenching of fists or teeth would immediately drag me back to the secular life, mourning, without a purpose. A lighthouse became clearer and clearer to me, while at the last instant, totally […]

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Timothy Dodd

Magda smoothed back a wild strand of her hair and crossed the vestibule at the Baltimore Museum of Art for the first time, stuffing the twelve o’clock entry ticket into her jeans’ pocket. On loan, Albert Bierstadt’s The Blue Grotto hung on the wall in front of her as she entered the first gallery of the exhibition thinking of her mother again—wrinkled and gnarly-thumbed, pouring tea for her daughter in the dark at their small kitchen table covered with bread and goat cheese and freshly-made cherry jam. Who would lock arms with her […]


Think Warm Thoughts

Allison Whittenberg

The world burns.  The sun stalks.

Can life be sustained off a windowsill’s moisture, a lead pipe’s sweat?  Someone spills the orange juice we’ve been rationing.  It spread more sunshine across the room.  We splintered our tongues lapping it off the wooden floor.

In the white glow of night, a man bursts in and steals thirty-three ounces of water.

I should have shot him, we’re all going to die anyway this way.

As want drips into need, it’s a good news bad news sort of thing.  My once optimistic roommates have long […]

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Once the Trees Danced Beneath the Stars

Maureen Sherbondy

One night when the trees danced circles beneath the stars, townspeople wandered toward the beat. When they arrived in the forest and discovered elms and oaks in their joyful twirling, the people ecstatically began to dance. Nature and man swirled and swayed side by side until a clumsy trunk stomped on a man and flattened him.

“We shouldn’t dance together,” the townspeople said in unison.

The forest of trees bent down in sadness. One tree voiced apology by swishing its branches and bowing. Another tree spilled tears of sap onto the […]

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Beaton Galafa

if i were you
i would not know what to choose too
between the sun and light from the moon.
last night i slept well with my face stuck
into bits of wood we grew old on
& felt your hand stretching into a corner
in a dream with a fly on a curtain
& toilet walls. i etched my nightmare
with a joke about two or three little devils
on the fence outside our home startled
with the sun-ness of my wife & the cacophony
of two fine dogs growling in the winds.
i am a papyrus rotting on a riverbed
rooting for […]


The Capture

Adrian Ludens

A woman wakes up to discover her body entombed inside a spider’s web.

“Put me down!” she yells at the giant, long-legged arachnid.

“I’m still hungry.” The spider rubs two legs together like utensils. “You’ll satisfy my appetite for days.”

The woman wiggles her fleshy body, but it’s no use. She can’t shimmy out of the tight net.

“I’ll find you a squirrel to devour. There’s plenty of those in the yard.”

“Nah. Don’t care much for squirrels. Too gamy.” The spider opens her mouth, saliva dripping out. “I prefer humans; […]

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Final Look

J. David Liss

Final Look

1. Aglow, Alive

2. Dreams Adrift

3. His Important Work

4. Haunted

Aglow, Alive

Returning to New Jersey from Memorial Sloan Kettering where their son lay meant traveling around two sides of a square. Tonight it was the East Side, and they moved along the FDR Drive, perched on the edge of the East River as they made their way amongst the glowing, speeding, halting cars, each shining like a cell that has sucked up sugar and radiation to set it alight.

These five boroughs of a city laid out […]

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