Editor’s Note to Caustic Frolic’s Subversion issue

Lovely readers, Welcome to the Subversion issue of the graduate student journal Caustic Frolic, housed in NYU’s Draper MA program in the Humanities and Social Thought. Subversion is the first Caustic Frolic issue in history, we previously published as Anamesa Journal. Thank you for being part of the journey. Subversion is our reaction to the current political situation. It [...]

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editor’s note

The term “glass ceiling” refers to the income gap between men and women, touted by white feminists with the following statistic: women make 77¢ for every $1 a man makes. However, it is not that simple. The disparity becomes starker when one considers race and ethnicity. According to a study published in July 2016 by [...]

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Flecked Tile

By Logan Shafer Read somewhere that women sequester apricot-sized pockets of stress in our buttocks. And that must be why she’s taking particular care down, say, where no one has ever paid such attention outside of those most irrepressible flings. But even then no because it’s not exactly copacetic with the way things happen when [...]

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Notes from Underground: Revisited Reflections

And I wish you never made love to me like you wanted to breathe me in like air, gulping me like milk dripping from strands of hair. Whatever. I don’t really care. Today I only taste those nights in New England on MBTA trains in autumn. The Providence to Boston line in November, when [...]

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On the Border Grind

Buena Vista[1] A secret: the Rio Grande Valley’s first legit skatepark is a living exhibit of border history. by Jonathan Leal In the early 2000s, the City of Edinburg opened Buena Vista. Sitting at the intersection of Sprague and Jackson, just down the street from the local university, the prized H-E-B, the beloved CoffeeZone, [...]

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By James Bradley Artificial Intelligence Of riot police—their padded limbs Tangled tightly in a black veil Of plastic & synthetic fire Breastplates of jacinth, brimstone And triangulating 'chips Capable of locating each Secret, inevitable thread Of subliminal contrition Within a heterodox tract hid, Their rods of absolution Humming a simple melody For scores of black [...]

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Black Mirror 2

From Subway Wisdom series. Gal Cohen is an Israeli American artist (born 1986), working primarily with painting, drawing, and installation to critique dominant modes of normality. She uses different strategies such as Irony, vertigo, displacement, bitter sweetness, and dark humor to create her self-reflective art. Gal's artistic practice explores potential interactions between facts and fiction [...]

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Discarded Princesses

A box of princesses under a bed Lies their limbs tangled, hair askew, dirty faces as if there has been a massacre. Naked, half naked, their clothes torn off by greedy hands That do not understand Or care, really. Snow White in rags Cinderella so long getting ready for the ball Walk home in the [...]

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Moving Still

I am interested in articulating the invisible. Within my Urban Artifacts series, the mundane plays important; along with the flowering of the potential in all things and moments.”   -Annette Tacconelli As a professional studio artist, Annette Tacconelli creates intimate, beaded sculpture, utilizing traditional fiber techniques in non-traditional ways. She has exhibited extensively nationally and internationally.  [...]

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Interstate 77

By Johnathan McCauley   I fell asleep at the wheel once, on my way north to Pittsburgh. Easily lulled into dreams by and of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Car horns blared from the other lane along with sounds of metal grinding against rock my chest thrown and yanked back by the seat belt. One hundred [...]

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