Two Stanzas in Free Verse

By Matthew Dischner   I feel it at the back of my brain, an itch I cannot scratch, a small splinter palpable only when one thought rubs another, brushing the sliver against grey matter. A spike of intensity - sharp, swift, gone.   A disciple of the experimental humanities, Matthew Dischner’s writings mix his passion [...]

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I Asked for a Sign

By Brandy Clark I asked for a sign and I got one in the molded shape of a man, frayed bottoms of his khaki shorts stopping right above his skinned and scabby knees. Rough working hands with rough working fingers held a wooden stick— fresh-cut, raw, bleeding sap. Poster board mounted on stick, hand drawn [...]

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By Matthew Dischner THELO NIOUS An off-chord ceramic strike signals a renaissance: a mistake made music, a staccato affogato dim7 slap across the cerebellum, a reminder of writing poetry on a bench on Morningside Ave in the winter and the sound the birds made in the snow.   A disciple of the experimental humanities, Matthew [...]

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The Second Law

By Alexis López Paleo The bed is nothing more than the culmination of all efforts, true and dishonest. The covers on the floor a clear sign of surrender, the submission to (the lack of) faith and motley bodies. Here we understand the impossible flow of heat up and out your body, into the world of [...]

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Listening to Folk Songs on the Metro

By Benjamin Phillips A wayfarer and restless, I stand lost in my home. I see mountains every time I close my sunken eyes. The indigo shade they cast on the sky in twilight. My heart longs to gaze at horizons so encumbered. I am haunted by the serene views of my childhood. So, I stand [...]

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Afro-Puerto Rican Mantra

By Alexandra Rosado-Román From our unending struggles to our resilient spirit From our history of oppression to our decolonized imaginaries From the pain inflicted upon our bodies to our creative and agential embodiment Our blackness is beautiful and cannot be taken for granted From the rejection of our features to our empowered aesthetics From our [...]

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Seeing Red

By Colin Bredenberg Nothing suits a critic’s nose better than the smell of fresh meat. True to form, we vultures most prefer the newly deceased. In this article, I have the pleasure of displaying my newest discovery—Olive Haverly—whose story is tragic to the casually acquainted, but hardly worthy of frequent regard. Few have seen her [...]

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By Ali Geren When I was 11, I stood in the basement and screamed shit as loud as I could, because it was the worst thing I could think of. What I actually said was I’m sick of this shit, but the climax of the sentence was definitely shit and since I’d never cursed before, [...]


Editor’s Note – (disenchantment)

Caustic Frolic’s Fall 2017 issue (dis)enchantment began with a call for submissions stemming from the question “What are you enchanted, and subsequently disenchanted by?” With this being my first semester as Editor-in-Chief and the second ever issue of our journal under the newly rebranded title of Caustic Frolic, there were many moments throughout the process [...]

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Landscapes and the Living

By Iván Espinosa "Passion Flower" (oil on canvas) by John Francis Peters Last Fall, I attended an exhibition at The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) called “Kelly Reichardt: Powerfully Observant.”  It was a mid-career retrospective highlighting six feature-length productions created by the New York-based independent filmmaker that have, since production, earned critical acclaim. [...]

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