Glass Ceilings

Behind Bars

Behind Bars
By Gal Cohen
Oil on canvas, 40×80 cm

Gal Cohen, a visual artist, lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. Born and raised in Israel (1986). Cohen is currently working on an MFA at the Parsons School of Design at The New School. Her main mediums are painting, drawing, and installation. Over the last few years, after graduating with a BFA in Fine Arts from Bezalel Academy of Art&Design, Jerusalem, she has studied gender studies at Tel-Aviv University, exhibited and showed her art in many exhibitions and art projects, took part in artist residencies, and curated various exhibitions.

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Things That Tear

Domenic Scopa is a three-time Pushcart Prize nominee and the 2014 recipient of the Robert K. Johnson Poetry Prize and Garvin Tate Merit Scholarship.

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A Peculiar Type of Fear

The houses across from and next to 2905 Garland Avenue in eastern Detroit have plywood nailed over their broken windows. According to the 2010 census, this neighborhood is overwhelmingly black. In 1925, demographics were drastically different when Dr. Ossian Sweet moved into that same house.

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Fighting Narratives: Agency, Gender, and Jihad in the Gaza Strip

By Sigrid von Wendel

Women living in Palestine can encounter a range of oppressions. On the one hand, there is the force of Israel, backed by Western powers, which has occupied Palestinian land for generations; and on the other, conservative elements of Palestinian society and religious organizations that sometimes advocate limitations on women’s rights. In the words of gender and human rights advocate Suheir Azzouni: “Palestinian women currently face two major types of obstacles to their rights: those arising from within their own culture and society, and those […]


Future Tense


Leigh Sugar

“Future Tense”

Helen will practice gestures
to quiet the futures she promised herself
as a child: I will one day be a police-
officer or a princess, she’d committed,
standing on the living-room coffee table
all tutu and headband and wand.
It is always time for dress-up
somewhere, she will reason, all chignon
and pantsuit-pretend,
and in the mirror will find shapes
where her eyes used to be.


About the Poet

Leigh Sugar is a writer and movement artist based in New York City. She previously edited The Michigan Review of Prisoner Creative Writing and is now curating and editing an anthology of writing by artists who have taught arts workshops in prisons. […]

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The Pursuit of the Millennium
By James Bradley

The world is a corpse, but a living one,
Hopeful, embalming itself for the land
Sharing its casket with moon & with sun

Stands Transcendence just o’er the horizon
An eternally-absent quaking hand
The world is a corpse, but a living one

An eternally-smoking loaded gun
With motive supplied by the contraband
Haul, overflowing with moon & with sun

Horse hooves of the Cossacks trample no one
At all, with Russia’s 5,000-year plan—
The planet as a corpse (though a warm one)

Man beating a girl’s heart—Has he not done,
Heartfelt, the will of her staunchest command
(Tithing her body to moon & to sun) ?

The essence remains […]

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Beyond Non-Discrimination: A Critical Examination of School Safety, Support, and Inclusion of Transgender Youth


By J.M. Bendett


This paper is part of a larger work focusing on the safety and support of transgender students in private schools throughout New York City. The greater work centers the recognition and visibility for transgender, gender independent, and gender non-conforming identities in a school context and explores the production of social norms to maintain systems of categorization and homogeneity throughout a school climate. This larger work includes actions taken by a number of schools within a small case study to address the value of recognition and the right of all students […]

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