A Nearby Town

Pamela Carter

I know a woman who imagines hauling
horrible thoughts from a posterior location
within her skull—where she hears these fester—


In their new home, the notions, daylit
from larger windows and an eastern exposure,
gleam in brighter tones.

Enter a cleaner oxygen.


to her frontal lobe, like a mover
with a box-loaded dolly, her […]

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Fwd: “Extreme Heat Advice – Department of Health – New York State”

Eleonor Botoman

Know the signs of heat-related illness 

one day, it’ll be so hot
all the insects in the neighborhood
will goey up into a
crackling molasses of wings 

Check your local weather so you can be prepared. 

shredded up into their own iridescence
welding splintered thorax
to antennae crisped and boiled
into a humid lump of feeling 

Find a place to get cool. 

how that deathly caramel
will slide onto the […]

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Linda McCauley Freeman


When I was
little my brother
and I would climb
down the ladder
at the deep end
of the pool.
went deeper, held                    

longer underwater
won. Water pushed
me up as I pushed                   

myself down, my

long hair swimming
above me, cheeks 

puffing. I am afraid
of drowning.  

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Linda McCauley Freeman


I put the red wet seed into your mouth
my fingers lingered between your lips
your fingers in my mouth
our tongues tasting flesh fruit
I hardly knew you
we became fingers over tongues
dipping into fruit
neither of us had ever tasted.


You are the tongue
in my ear caress that leaves me
bruised I cannot say how
this happened except
that I planned it looked for it


A Compendium of Gases at Room Temperature in a Transitive State

Robert Omura

About the Author

Robert K. Omura calls Calgary, Alberta, Canada home where he lives with his common law wife and three too many cats. He has resigned himself to finding cat fur in everything he eats. His fiction and poetry appears or is forthcoming in journals in the U.S., Canada and abroad including the New York Quarterly, 34thParallel, Chaffin Journal, CLR, Freshwater, barnstorm, and Blues Skies Poetry. He has been nominated for the Pushcarts.

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This is Not a Love Song About Water

Robert Omura

“Let me repeat what history teaches. History teaches.” – Gertrude Stein

To write a poem of love you first ascribe:            
             Tyrant, lover, white teeth oxide kisses 
             and more
                           Dissolves hard rock, the putty sky,
             slants rain, the animus of kings – of seas […]

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Rob Omura


     There is a Zen parable about a warrior who slew his master, and to atone for his crime, he dedicated his life to building a tunnel so people could cross a dangerous stretch of mountain. Many years later, the master’s son, seeking revenge, found the warrior at work deep in the tunnel. The warrior promised the son that he would gladly die at his hands, but first let him finish the tunnel; the son agreed. After several months the son grew impatient, […]


Afterwards, the women

Jen If

About the Author

Jen If (she/her) writes poetry and prose from life experience about torture and sexual violence. She has a BA in English and an MA in Creative Writing.

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Age is Just a Number

Valerie Sopher

in the Botanical Garden, it’s safe
     from people, if you choose the right path
there is an illegal amount of beauty here
    hills fold into the canyon, disappearing
         into a distant gauze-wrapped city
in the Garden of Old Roses, a dormant flower misses
     its second bloom, rivulets run into Strawberry Creek
on the ridge top, buzz cut trees trimmed by the wind
   amid this enchantment

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Breath of Breath, Sighing Sigh

James Bradley

About the Author

James Bradley is an artist and writer living in Portland, Oregon. His paintings have been exhibited at the Berkeley Art Museum, Verum Ultimum Gallery, P.Bibeau and elsewhere. He received an MFA in painting from the California College of the Arts in 2009.

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