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January 2019

The Role of Light in Creating Space

The Role of Light in Creating Space by Tor Strand We come from Birdridge, running Earth’s sharp edges, jamming our toes, obeying an unmapped wanting. The bore tide fills Turn-Again with a wave [...]


WAIT …   …   …   …   …   …   …   …   …   …   …   … …   …   …   …   …   …   …   …   …   …   …   … …   …   …   …   …   …   …   …  [...]


Poloñius by Cameron Espinoza Elsewhere my words are sounds Sharp unsubtle manifestations of wind My shaking hands orchestrate obtuse keys— dictating tune Overwhelming My wit My lips My cadence The dulled wife’s lament [...]

dead hawks

dead hawks* by Andrew Zuliani *Embarrassing early poem, scrambled beyond recognition. About the author... Andrew Zuliani is a writer and musician who lives between Vancouver [...]


PARANOIA by Lukpata Lomba Joseph What smidgen of thought Propagates in this wide helix, Whirling and birthing spiral envelopes With all reason in its service? What infinitesimal impression, Sits with honour at the [...]

The Last Cicadas

The Last Cicadas by Genevieve Betts The last cicadas thump and buzz like a souped-up Cadillac. They really are the most beautiful plague. I too hum among their windowpane wings, veined like lace [...]

Where Does Sound Travel?

Where Does Sound Travel? for David Zeledón by Margaret Fleming In Texas, I stand by a baby monitor, audio waves and linens move in unison. I watch her chest until I am convinced [...]


G-spot by Savannah Trent I wanted to write a poem for them: the perfect women cocktail & slippers handy, who wait for orgasm, know compulsion’s other name, price of spray cleaners & ant [...]

Dream at Twelve Noon

Dream at Twelve Noon by Tor Strand I am asked how much longer there will be light and know immediately, something to do with how the trees enter the sky on a mountain [...]

The Blueprint of the Land

The Blueprint of the Land by Édgar J. Ulloa Luján There is no river but only sand sand and no river in the borderlands There is no river but only sand sand [...]

Halloween Night

Halloween Night by Jennifer Luckenbill The Oklahoma wind whistles its quiet tune outside the window, smooth as butter on freshly browned toast. Music to drown the thumps and bumps of a late Halloween [...]

Double Bass

Double Bass by Paul Smith The bass guitar tiptoes around the roadhouse hears a shotglass keeps on going no one notices him Only when he stops circles the liquor store on a moonlit [...]

Awake from Your Slumber

Awake from Your Slumber by Gaby Bedetti In South Africa paleontologists discover Homo habilis in a cave; archaeologists dust and reassemble the bones. I vacuum forgotten items in the basement: a sparkly-haired Barbie, [...]

Crown Heights Vignette

Crown Heights Vignette by Genevieve Betts Jerk meat and roti, cow skin and goat feet, neighbors in curlers outside the laundry gossiping, children chicken dancing at cops driving by, all sharp elbows, clucks, [...]

Erdélyi Táncok

Erdélyi Táncok by Matthew Dischner My cats prick up at the sound of Bartók, their tails arrhythmically conducting an uneven harmonic minor as they yowl with the violins, circling for supremacy over a [...]