- the lyrics we recite -

    Two Stanzas in Free Verse

    By Matthew Dischner   I feel it at the back of my brain, an itch I cannot scratch, a small splinter palpable only when one thought rubs another, brushing the sliver against grey matter. A [...]

    I Asked for a Sign

    By Brandy Clark I asked for a sign and I got one in the molded shape of a man, frayed bottoms of his khaki shorts stopping right above his skinned and scabby knees. Rough working [...]


    By Matthew Dischner THELO NIOUS An off-chord ceramic strike signals a renaissance: a mistake made music, a staccato affogato dim7 slap across the cerebellum, a reminder of writing poetry on a bench on Morningside Ave [...]

    The Second Law

    By Alexis López Paleo The bed is nothing more than the culmination of all efforts, true and dishonest. The covers on the floor a clear sign of surrender, the submission to (the lack of) faith [...]