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    - the lyrics we recite -

    The Camaraderie of the House Fire

    By Megan Maloof Your oven has been on all day, Scarlet embers from your cigarette fall into the recycling bin The curling iron is curling the plastic of your countertops- Whatever it is,  Your house [...]

    Olive Ave., 12:46am

    By Ian Thompson The drunken man on Olive wears a shirt that reads I need a chica from Costa Rica! below the outline of a nation poverty-stricken but known by outsiders for its tranquil beaches—just [...]

    Visiting an Old Friend

    By Ian Thompson Strung above your mother’s slatetiled patio, gleaming orbs wobble with the breath of night— like pendula. I’m counting soggy Dorito morsels that soar as you speak, a few finding their way to [...]

    A Reflection on Uncle Leonard

    By Ian Thompson If one had asked you why your career in the arts never flourished, you would have shrugged perplexedly. the stub on your right foot— what remained of a toe you’d sheared off [...]