- the lyrics we recite -

    Listening to Folk Songs on the Metro

    By Benjamin Phillips A wayfarer and restless, I stand lost in my home. I see mountains every time I close my sunken eyes. The indigo shade they cast on the sky in twilight. My heart [...]

    Afro-Puerto Rican Mantra

    By Alexandra Rosado-Román From our unending struggles to our resilient spirit From our history of oppression to our decolonized imaginaries From the pain inflicted upon our bodies to our creative and agential embodiment Our blackness [...]


    By Ali Geren When I was 11, I stood in the basement and screamed shit as loud as I could, because it was the worst thing I could think of. What I actually said was [...]

    Meditations on the California North Coast

    By Eliott Coyle For one day it rained curtains and sheets, permeating the hillside. Effortless it came, effortless it changed. Roads eroded, soil moved to mud and took trees with it. Water is soft until [...]