By Sophie Dess My grandmother’s eyes at times are obscured by two thick sheets of glass placed in cat-eye frames – she wears bifocals, which means she can’t gauge the scale of a decline. I think it’s formally deemed ‘a problem with depth perception.’ Thus, stairs pose a particular problem; her shaking hand is always [...]



By Sophie Dess This was when I’d lie transfixed by the light that only came on Sundays, with my small body wrapped in a quilt cocoon, my head pressed against the pillow and eyes open and eager. I’d study the pale green of my walls, lit in that tender, rustic way. Lit in a light [...]


A Reflection on Uncle Leonard

By Ian Thompson If one had asked you why your career in the arts never flourished, you would have shrugged perplexedly. the stub on your right foot— what remained of a toe you’d sheared off to avoid being drafted—a sign of the madness that all geniuses must possess. Today, I read about a sculptor who [...]

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