Madchen Madelaine Hanson The snow leaked into the drains under the dry white sun. The rattle of the thaw pulled debris down the paving stones, leaving discarded pebbles by the gutter. The children played with them, finding the most interesting shape or unusual color. To them, this war was always [...]


Signal to Noise

Signal to Noise Gabriela James Noguera I A change in her feed gradually woke Laura, same as every day like clockwork, as they used to say. Her feed changed twice in the night (that she was aware of). Upon climbing into bed after the second reminder to take her sleeping [...]

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FDA v. Bondit

999 U.S. 999 U.S. FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION v. BONDIT CO. INC. Argued February 29, 2028 Decided April 1, 2028 [by Terry Sanville] Bondit Co. petitioned to review and set aside an order of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) prohibiting the manufacture, distribution or sale of “Lockjaw,” a denture [...]

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Clavichord in the Trailer Park

Clavichord in the Trailer Park J. David Liss I was walking from trailer to trailer, making sure the connections between the mobile homes and the network interface boxes were clean. We were one of the few trailer parks that had offered Internet service since the early 2000s, and we hadn’t upgraded [...]

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Seeing Red

By Colin Bredenberg Nothing suits a critic’s nose better than the smell of fresh meat. True to form, we vultures most prefer the newly deceased. In this article, I have the pleasure of displaying my newest discovery—Olive Haverly—whose story is tragic to the casually acquainted, but hardly worthy of frequent regard. Few have seen her [...]

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The End – Montauk

By Jessica Stilling At the beach, near the ocean, she can only bring herself to eat shellfish. And the techno music, the Hamptonites, they are not her scene. “Women are always talking about it, going into the sea. You know, like The Awakening.” She teaches English at a college on Long Island. “Oh yeah”, he [...]

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Terms and Conditions

By Brianna Abbott Stan Jackson hadn’t moved in about three days, unless you count wheeling his desk chair into the kitchen as moving. He tried to ignore the large, dark circles under his eyes whenever he glanced at his reflection in the computer screen. Sleep would have to wait; he had a project for Financial [...]

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Best Damn Driver

by Ben Shani Across the monitor in delayed succession the new deliveries specifics sputter out: Address, order, estimated time of arrival, and or if there are any special sides. I’m first in line to take the next batch, three or four I lug in a worn-out bag and race around town, mapping out the quickest [...]

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By Seamus Mullin She could not shower for three days because the water made her nervous. It was a fever of the brain. It was a complete loss of control. If not for the letters, she would have forgotten her own name. She waited along the route of the heroes’ parade to see her soldier [...]



By Sophie Dess This was when I’d lie transfixed by the light that only came on Sundays, with my small body wrapped in a quilt cocoon, my head pressed against the pillow and eyes open and eager. I’d study the pale green of my walls, lit in that tender, rustic way. Lit in a light [...]