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By Sophie Dess

My grandmother’s eyes at times are obscured by two thick sheets of glass placed in cat-eye frames – she wears bifocals, which means she can’t gauge the scale of a decline. I think it’s formally deemed ‘a problem with depth perception.’ Thus, stairs pose a particular problem; her shaking hand is always in search of a surface on which to balance her small – but nevertheless imperious – figure.

I travel with her down to the subway platform and watch her ring-adorned fingers shake until they clasp something stable. My eyes always settle on the […]


Olive Ave., 12:46am

By Ian Thompson

The drunken man on Olive
wears a shirt that reads I need a chica
from Costa Rica! below the outline
f a nation poverty-stricken
but known by outsiders for its tranquil
beachesjust as my city is more associated
with a haunted cruise liner
than the ghosts of those killed
on its streets, or people like
this drunken man on Olive.

Hes singing Smokey Robinsons
The Love I Saw in You Was

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