Dance Macabre Event

Yvonne Welman

“My work is a personal reaction to social issues.”

Yvonne Welman’s sense and purpose in life are her paintings. She uses them to make people more open minded about the social and philosophical issues, to see if they agree or not. She creates visual stories about her experiences and ideas.

Beauty and traditional painting can attract and give more willingness to at least try to understand.  She uses color, composition, materials, icons to reach her goal.

She wants people to understand that we need […]

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Lore Skoulatos

Lore Skoulatos is a writer and artist from New York. Her writing has been featured in The Gallatin Review, Caustic Frolic, and NYU’s WeSearch Series and has two self-published poetry collections. Her artwork has been displayed in NYC galleries and modeling work featured in Mashable, Snapchat, Vanity Fair, TLC, and various art photography collections.


Triptych – Main

Joe Fischer

Joe Fisher: Born in Nicosia, Cyprus, lives and works in NYC.

Graduated from Cooper Union

Exhibited in galleries and institutions, including The Larry Aldrich museum.

Received a Yaddo fellowship (Spent a summer working alongside notable writers, poets, and musicians.)

Painting published in the New England Journal, a literary magazine.

Reviewed in Arts Magazine by Frank Bowling.

Produced films and documentaries.

Worked as a graphic designer, visual effects and titles.

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Be Creative

Cristián Pietrapiana

About the Artist

Originally from Buenos Aires, Pietrapiana lives and works in New York City. His work explores the vulnerability of human nature and its environment.

Pietrapiana has been awarded the Sheldon Bergh Award, has been selected by the City of New York’s DOT Art Program to create a site-specific outdoors installation in LIC, Queens, selected artist for the LTA Program of the Guggenheim Museum, Chashama Residency Program as well as The Space Program in LIC. His […]

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Arrested Heart / Pumped Up For Next Gig

Mark Blickley & Francesca Schwartz

“Oh wow. Oh wow. Oh wow.” Last words of music I-pod creator Steve Jobs. 

I don’t remember any of my previous incarnations. This one just ended with the sound of my heartbeat replaced by booming defibrillator jolts. I can hear being zipped into thick plastic but I am not afraid. Aimless transmigration drifting will play no part in my future. 

I don’t understand why I came back as a drummer, an impoverished, financially unsuccessful percussionist ridiculed for a […]

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The Last Abduction

Katherine Shehadeh

If you’re reading this, I want to say that I’m sorry. I wish I could’ve done more to help you. To say something that you don’t already know about the value of your freedom or how quickly it slips away would be impossible, but I need you to know that wherever I am now, I’ll support you, always. 

You’re probably wondering why of all places in the universe I chose Silwad, a small village in Palestine to make my escape to. If I said it was the rolling […]

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The Mallards of St. Catherine

Zach Keali’i Murphy

Stewart came from a town where the water was abundant but never clean. Lillian came from a town where there wasn’t enough water to keep the wildfires at bay. They’d each escaped a past life, settling in the Midwest as the twenty-first century raged on.

Every Sunday morning they’d meet each other at a lone, wooden bench by the secluded pond at St. Catherine Trail. In the middle of the pond sprouted a fountain. On those hot days, the wind-blown mist from the glorious spout would make […]

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Final Notice

Ron Wolff

Dear Library Patron:

The book you borrowed, “About Suicide,” is now two months overdue. Please return it at your earliest convenience. If it has been lost, damaged, or stolen, please remit $29.95 so that we can replace the volume; seven other people are on the waiting list.

Thanks for your cooperation, and best wishes.

* * *

Now retired following a long career in the nonprofit social service field, Ron Wolff actively pursues three major activities: writing, photography, and volunteering. His […]

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Romancing the Butcher

Chere Taylor

He approaches the girl in his tight, leather pants, black curls tousled on his head. His eyes are as hard as obsidian stone. She is observing a young, teen god. And he is sexy. Christ, he’s so sexy.

Gwendolyn, today’s victim, is chained to the stone wall. She is beautiful in her blue-eyed blondness and in her helplessness. Her chin rises in defiance.

Aridam, who also goes by the name, The Butcher, dramatically rips his shirt off his chest, revealing clean, white skin […]

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The Big Ten Inch

Patricia Dutt

Whoever hung the plastic bag on Lucy’s doorknob didn’t even knock, as if he knew he was doing something wrong. The bag contained a single, color photograph of her front yard, a hillside wedge of goldenrod, Soldago canadensis, and knapweed, Centaurea nigra. A yard you might expect from a teacher of biology. In bold, twenty-five-point font lettering the notice stated: ‘You have violated the ten-inch rule.’ At first, Lucy imagined a feisty neighbor playing a joke on her. Hah, hah, reminiscent […]

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