Maureen Sherbondy

A teacher says that when a story stalls, I should make a person appear at the door. 

“Who is it?” I ask. 

A brown-haired monkey appears. When invited in, the creature climbs on the crystal chandelier in the foyer. Running to find the kitchen, she discovers the granite island where a bowl of fruit taunts. After devouring three bananas, the monkey then swallows down the remainder of my egg salad sandwich. My stomach growls and I throw her out.

“Who is it?” I call again. 

This time my dead father hovers above the stoop holding his customary bottle of Icelandic vodka. Not ready to face him after all these years, I slam the door in his ashen face. Over the crash of shattering glass, I hear his deep voice scolding me. Again. 

The next time someone knocks, I hide in my bedroom. There is no way I will run downstairs to answer that door. 

But then the goddamn phone rings.

About the Author

Maureen Sherbondy’s most recent poetry collection is Dancing with Dali. She has also published 9 other poetry collections, a short story collection, and a young adult novel. Maureen lives in Durham, NC.