Liam Gehrig Bach

my body is all burns and wires

skin and blood, electricity and fires

heartbeat heat that sticks then flows

flat waves at sea, jellyfish that glows

cannot afford sentience like mine

which batters my skull with ice and brine

a black lightbulb which refuses to shine

suppressing a thought, deleting a line


my brain is all slush and salt

wrinkles like cracks in winter’s asphalt

three years without december snow

memories that falter and a mind that does not know

if my faculties are rich or poor

or if i’m having illusions of grandeur

then realizing, ah, one more way to skin a cat

one more strikeout when it’s my turn at bat

my soul is all skies and grass

an endless plane of reflections in glass

where a boy holds a beating heart as if it will explode

its cold and colored cables speak in some type of code

which wires should he sew, and which wires should he prune?

ignore the idle threats, if the bomb is real then let it bloom

or fuck it cut them all and milk the blood from the machine

lotus eater shouldn’t mind spilling red onto the green

Liam graduated from Bard College as a biology/psychology double major and completed independent research about the psychology of perceiving conservation efforts. He will graduate from NYU in the Animal Studies M.A. program at the end of 2023. Liam works as a journalist for an online psychiatry journal, Mad in America, and uses feminist and queer theory to unpack current systemic issues that affect otherized groups. His creative works cross media and conventions, including visual art, poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and video games, including his game Birdfeeder which will serve as his NYU thesis project. It is about a shapeshifter. When he isn’t writing, Liam is likely walking with his dogs, thinking about sleep, or sleeping.

Instagram: chapterliam