And fuck that one party organizer in particular

A. Jenson

wearing her pink sweatshirt at the film screening—

My soft-spoken partner corrected her saying

“Abortion is a people’s issue, actually…

“not just a women’s issue”

squeezing my hand.

But she spent ten puffed-up minutes

berating him

misgendering me, and—

I kid you not—telling us about being a feminist

long before [we] were even born!

The world is run by doofuses.

Doofuses collect the taxes.

Doofuses call for straw man revolutions.

Doofuses refuse to anchor to this living ground

     and will topple with their roots up; bare and embarrassing.

How rare are the podium-beaters that can withstand hurricane winds?

election cycles?

hands raised?

(She didn’t give me change for my $20, either—

though I know that the wine she sold us

was Yellow Tail.)

About the Author

A. Jenson is a trans, non-binary writer, artist and farmer whose most recent works appear in 2024 issues of Roi Fainéant, Door Is A Jar, and The Bitchin Kitsch. Between long days of direct-seeding peas and laying drip irrigation, they are busy revising a fiction manuscript.


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