Caustic Frolic’s Fall 2017 issue (dis)enchantment began with a call for submissions stemming from the question “What are you enchanted, and subsequently disenchanted by?” With this being my first semester as Editor-in-Chief and the second ever issue of our journal under the newly rebranded title of Caustic Frolic, there were many moments throughout the process of creating this issue that could have easily lent themselves to disenchanting frustrations, whether it be with printing, setting up meetings, or simply, Where do we start?However, somewhere along the line, I must have cashed in a ridiculously huge chunk of my collective karma points to have been bestowed with my incredibly talented and dedicated editing team by the good fairy godmother of journal publication, herself.

Merisa Sahin, Cody Carmen, Clemence Kim, and Michelle Hurtubise: there simply would not be a (dis)enchantment issue without you all. As soon as the Spring ‘16 semester was over, my Senior Editing Team was ready to spend all summer gearing up for this issue with me, continental time-zone differences bedamned. With the exception of one Senior Editor, all of us, myself included, stepped into our current positions for the first time, but you would have never known we were a bunch of newbies looking from the outside in. Each step of the way, no matter what HR problem or unanswered question we came up against, this team–this team–persevered. Yeah, I’m going to say it, Merisa, Cody, Clemence, and Michelle, your unwavering commitment to bettering Caustic Frolic in any way possible has completely enchanted me. You all have shown me how to be a leader by allowing me to fallow your example.

The Fall ‘17 semester brought with it not only a new theme for Caustic Frolic, but also a rebranding of the department from which we are housed. The shifting of our graduate department at New York University from the John W. Draper Program in Humanities and Social Thought to The Center for Experimental Humanities (CEH) may seem, in name, to be merely a change in semantics; but, as a student who has now experienced both, the change cannot be overstated enough. This new school year at CEH has seen our department grow three-fold in numbers, with a proportionately extensive growth in participation with our journal. To everyone who has joined Caustic Frolic this Fall, I am likewise enchanted by your enthusiasm and willingness to put in the necessary time and effort to make (dis)enchantment the incredible issue that it has become and cannot wait to see what we will accomplish as an editing team next semester. Thank you all so much.

Whitney Davis
Caustic Frolic