Leopoldo Zampiccoli

Poem for the Piraeus Lion, a few days before leaving Venice.

a chimeric           belonging,

to where      we       have set

foot, and      will         again,

where we             stand now,

and             the             scars

of           foreign          voices

that           were       chiseled

on our      captive          skin:

to belong,        just as not to,

gets layered                 along

time-space           nostalgias.

About the Author

Leopoldo Zampiccoli is a graduate student at ISAW (NYU) in history and heritage of Western Asia, with a focus on the Late Bronze and Iron Age along the Eastern Mediterranean coasts. He is interested in the entanglements of narratives, identities, and languages (visual, spoken, written, silenced) along time, space, and memory. Raised between Trentino and Cyprus, Venetian by adoption, with occasional wanderings in Israel-Palestine, now he lives in Brooklyn.

Instagram: @koppa_theta