Go Ahead

Roger Anderson

Alluring cocoons offer their special seduction and shelter

from within soft, warm cotton-like hollows

yet a price must be surrendered

it comes at a silent cost


to those who seek special warmth

the surrender of one’s soul

is a forever thing

to be tasted, coddled.

sacrifice is a dear price

yet how dear is delight

when one has hunger

and shivers for crumbs

held in a colorless hand

go ahead

you have waited far too long

About the Author

Roger Anderson and his wife and soulmate, Judy, and live in Omaha, Nebraska. Each day is a new adventure in their journey together to somewhere.

He writes poetry only when the words and emotions and feelings are suddenly swirling about in his head. They beg him to quickly write them down, lest he soon forget them like last night’s dream. Sometimes, he writes as himself, other times in the persona of another.

During the Spring, Summer, and Fall months, he diligently water the weeds in his vegetable garden. In the Winter months, he dreams of their return.


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