Liam Gehrig Bach

why place our hands / in reach of forbidden fruit? / that just says, “CONSUME.”

crawling in and out / fleeting emotions unknown / and thoughts more unknown

because that which eats / is that which gets to survive / albeit alone

all eyes watch two friends / dance in mud atop the world / laughing at the shame

eyes open in dark / for so long that they forgot / what it means to close

Liam graduated from Bard College as a biology/psychology double major and completed independent research about the psychology of perceiving conservation efforts. He will graduate from NYU in the Animal Studies M.A. program at the end of 2023. Liam works as a journalist for an online psychiatry journal, Mad in America, and uses feminist and queer theory to unpack current systemic issues that affect otherized groups. His creative works cross media and conventions, including visual art, poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and video games, including his game Birdfeeder which will serve as his NYU thesis project. It is about a shapeshifter. When he isn’t writing, Liam is likely walking with his dogs, thinking about sleep, or sleeping.

Instagram: chapterliam