Jodi Bosin

a squirrel on the porch is eating a chip

holding it with both hands


the ad before the news says “make the world your

workplace” and why the hell would i want to do that


remember the dress, i think about it often

i never saw white and gold, only blue and black


reality, they said, does not exist as something separate

from the act of observation1 


we know perception is subjective but still

will argue ours til death


we need to feel that something could make sense


schrödinger’s cat was meant to disprove

the very idea it represents


concepts moved forcibly out of context


so much that we can’t and will not understand

how do you know if your life is examined


love is a mystery like sufjan said

but so too is its end


when a leaf falls off a plant

i have a tiny little funeral in my head


an electron is not in any fixed place until it is measured
it is only in that instant that it appears


i walk past someone with a t-shirt that says “the 1940s” white on black, and that’s it, nothing on the back


i worry about our mailman

especially in this heat, he walks so slowly


green numbers rain from the sky


things that live on like

that “S” that you draw with six lines


on the flip side of mosquitoes, we have


before you are observed

you cannot even be conceived of


have you seen the images from
hubble2 those pics are pretty amazing


objects are closer than they appear


if you fall in the forest

i will listen


1 When We Cease to Understand the World, Benjamín Labatut

About the Author

Jess Roses (she/they) is a disabled, neurodivergent, emerging writer. Her focus is the transformation of relationships and experiences with pain and the taboo. She explores how these communal experiences form and relate to societal and personal narratives within and without the psyche. She has been published in Bloom Magazine, Coffin Bell Journal, Raven Review, Grub Street Literary Magazine, and more.

Instagram: @jessroseswriting