I Walk When I Can

Jarek Jarvis

O’ America

where a five

-thousand pound

killing machine

is required anytime

you need to buy

bread, or milk,

really anything.


the dream.

we make



then patent

and sell the

cure for ten

times the profit

point. Nothing

ever sticks though.

Not the pot

not the pills

the new car

or smart watch.

We build up

not out. Embrace

the sprawl.

Don’t stop

to meet

our neighbors

Mine, I am


are sentient

space fog that

only assume

corporeal form

behind the

closed door

of their

box. I never


About the Author

Jared Jarvis is an emerging Hoosier poet, and current MFA candidate at Western Kentucky University. His poems have appeared in Washington Square Review, Corvus Review, and Ignatian Literary Magazine. He can be found @barekbarvis on Instagram.


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