Laura Zaino

I have not come to understand. There is no merit in it.

We travel through rabbit holes to find the opposite ends, to see how they connect.

This is not the same as understanding–it is drawing lines on diagrams of thought.


Understand this: the sun will rise whether or not you wake to meet it.

Streams flow into rivers and oceans, understanding without synapse

that this is the way things go.


Wisdom is for the earth and for celestial things.

For us there is only the moment.


You plant your feet in your home soil, despite

understanding that the ground is not always sturdy.

I have stood on boulders and heard water flowing beneath.


There are times I think I understand the refraction of light

against water droplets, but quickly I harden back into my crude human self

and marvel at the rainbow on the horizon that has no connection to the ground.

About the Author

Laura Zaino has a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing from The City College of New York. She’s a wife and a mother of one (one is plenty!) who is getting pretty good at vegan baking. She teaches yoga in NY’s lower Hudson Valley, where you can also find her on the hiking trails. Her first self-published collection, Hindsight Notwithstanding, is available on Amazon. Her work has also appeared in Big City Lit, The Metaworker Literary Magazine, The Parliament Literary Journal, Green Ink Poetry, Moss Piglet, and The Black Light Engine Room Magazine.

Instagram: @onlyhappensonce