Mary McCarthy

Why do you have to

parade your faith

use it like a sledgehammer

smashing all the windows

you don’t want anyone to see?

Your invitation to pray

is more an edict

than suggestion

spoiling my lunch

inspiring only my anger

and no gratitude.

You are so smug in your

cloak of righteousness

feeling it a license to oppress.

Your grace is more offensive

than any drag queen

story time—all the posturing

with no humor—

A bully for Jesus

you paint his name

on my driveway 

an assault

a vandal’s petty act

imposing your blinders

on my vision

my private space, my home

safe shelter from your

rabid indoctrinations

convincing me no one

deserves Apocalypse

more than you

About the Author

Mary McCarthy is a retired Registered Nurse who has always been a writer. Her work has appeared in many journals and anthologies, including “The Ekphrastic World,” edited by Lorette Luzajic, “The Plague Papers,” edited by Robbi Nester, and recent issues of Gyroscope, 3rd Wednesday, Caustic Frolic, Inscribe, and Verse Virtual . Her collection “How to Become Invisible” is now available from Kelsay books.


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