Eli Coyle

Two suns like art you rose again                         In the daylight of tangerines
Beneath the binaries of mandarins                    I brought you rocks and flowers
Each month ripe and heavy                                 No matter how often
On the branch, irrefutably                                   You wore the jackets I left
Painting your nails black                                      The hours and minutes
In the early remains                                              You were a thing too perfect
How you woke something inside                        Wanting to persist
Like those nameless ones                                    As the bay of the sea
Who kept painting                                                 Continues outward
Landscapes, not caring                                         When even the tides
If they made a world                                             Want to taste
One could live in                                                    The light under new suns

About the Author

Eli Coyle received his MA in English from California State University-Chico and is currently a MFA candidate at the University of Nevada-Reno. His poetry has recently been published or is forthcoming in: Barely South Review, California Quarterly, New York Quarterly, Connecticut River Review, Caustic Frolic, The South Carolina Review, Sutterville Review, Camas, Welter Journal, and Deep Wild Journal among others.