Eli Coyle

they pronounced her
salt hay and clay

whale and wooden wharf
apartment block and city

a place in the obscure books
by the ocean

the speaker begins
with observations

casting aloe and sunburn
in the years

they pronounced her
refined rock and persimmon

arm socks and summer linen
            drying on the line

only four ways to walk
in the city

society that no fringe

the fraying cloth
over worn and worn
             the simplicities

             my mother was born
weeping then laughing
             in the shell of a giant scallop

             before the revolution,
yet free from
weeping and laughing

they pronounced her chest
                                           a garden,

an old coffee table inside,
             a place to set her heart down

About the Author

Eli Coyle received his MA in English from California State University-Chico and is currently a MFA candidate at the University of Nevada-Reno. His poetry has recently been published or is forthcoming in: Barely South Review, California Quarterly, New York Quarterly, Connecticut River Review, Caustic Frolic, The South Carolina Review, Sutterville Review, Camas, Welter Journal, and Deep Wild Journal among others.