Volume 6, Issue 1
Spring 2021

Dear readers, contributors, and staff,

Thank you for believing in the power of storytelling.  As someone who processes slowly, I chose the theme Retrospect because this past year has given us much to process.  I wanted to give people a space to think and see, and to lean into the hope of clarity.  This rest may feel far today.  I know it does for me.  Until that day comes, we have words.  We have art. We have stories. We have you.

Be loved,

Gabriele Hickman

Editor in Chief 

Gabriele Hickman

Senior Editors

Sebastian Romero, fiction
Holly Van Hare, poetry
Emily Huber, nonfiction
Gracie Marotta, digital

Fiction Editors

Taylor Hollister
Safeeyah Iverson
L. Owens
Joseph Payne

Poetry Editors

Razielle Aigen
Shane Martin
Moira Peckham
Shaindel Tomasovitch

Nonfiction Editors

Monica Dupuy
Navdeep Kaur
Demetra Maragos
Em Panetta
Tim Vassallo

Social Media Editor

Basil Soper

Cover Design

L. Owens

Layout Design

Gabriele Hickman


Kimon Keramidas

This edition was also made with the help of the Spring and Fall 2020 editors in chief, Sarah Jane Weill and Holly Van Hare, and the department of Experimental Humanities & Social Engagement

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