Gal Cohen

Black Mirror 2

From Subway Wisdom series.

Gal Cohen is an Israeli American artist (born 1986), working primarily with painting, drawing, and installation to critique dominant modes of normality. She uses different strategies such as Irony, vertigo, displacement, bitter sweetness, and dark humor to create her self-reflective art.

Gal’s artistic practice explores potential interactions between facts and fiction as her main ambition is to generate new narrations concerning collective memory, social inherited conventions, history, identity, gender, and otherness in contemporary societies. Living and working […]

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Strangers Don’t Belong In Your Home

Gal Cohen, Strangers Don't Belong In Your Home, from "Subway Wisdom" series, oil on canvas, 42x86 inches.

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Behind Bars

Behind Bars
By Gal Cohen
Oil on canvas, 40×80 cm

Gal Cohen, a visual artist, lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. Born and raised in Israel (1986). Cohen is currently working on an MFA at the Parsons School of Design at The New School. Her main mediums are painting, drawing, and installation. Over the last few years, after graduating with a BFA in Fine Arts from Bezalel Academy of Art&Design, Jerusalem, she has studied gender studies at Tel-Aviv University, exhibited and showed her art in many exhibitions and art projects, took part in artist residencies, and curated various exhibitions.

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