By Dan Murage

On December 1st, we wake up in the early hours of the morning and trek to the polling stations. While we wait for the polling personnel to arrive, we regale each other with stories of a new country, a new democracy again. Some hail this moment as “The New Gambia” and have with them banners to publicize their creed. We stand in line for thirty minutes, after which everyone starts getting impatient: women begin singing victory songs, men beat their drums and children cheer, sneaking in […]


Connecting Acts of Oppression: Applying Practice Theory to White Supremacy

By Ian Kennedy

Contemporary popular debates about race and racism are caught in a difference of assumptions. On the one hand, Ta-Nehisi Coates’ article “The First White President” in the October 2017 issue of The Atlantic exemplifies the systemic view: white supremacy and racism are perpetrated by all members who share a particular identification, leveling racist violence on all members who share a different identification. To varying degrees, all white people contribute to white supremacy, and all non-white people are victims of this violence. For Coates, a pervasive identity of whiteness unites Trump […]

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On the Border Grind

Buena Vista[1]

A secret: the Rio Grande Valleys first legit skatepark is a living exhibit of border history.

by Jonathan Leal

In the early 2000s, the City of Edinburg opened Buena Vista. Sitting at the intersection of Sprague and Jackson, just down the street from the local university, the prized H-E-B, the beloved CoffeeZone, the booming Luby’s Cafeteria, the last Blockbuster Video on Earth, the skatepark today beams like a […]

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Liberal Motherhood: Abortion Rights, Race, and Individual Sovereignty

By Hayley Wagner

No longer can abortion simply be talked about in terms of individual choice and morality—in a country where access varies from easy to impossible and where structural violence pervades society, the terms of this issue must be expanded. The highly controversial issue of abortion has become stigmatized as a kind of eternal, polarizing debate in which “Pro-Life” and “Pro-Choice” are continually at odds with no solution in sight.  Especially in the last few years, varied access to and increased legislative targeting of abortion clinics in the United States has added a new facet to the debate.  The decision […]

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A Peculiar Type of Fear

The houses across from and next to 2905 Garland Avenue in eastern Detroit have plywood nailed over their broken windows. According to the 2010 census, this neighborhood is overwhelmingly black. In 1925, demographics were drastically different when Dr. Ossian Sweet moved into that same house.

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Fighting Narratives: Agency, Gender, and Jihad in the Gaza Strip

By Sigrid von Wendel

Women living in Palestine can encounter a range of oppressions. On the one hand, there is the force of Israel, backed by Western powers, which has occupied Palestinian land for generations; and on the other, conservative elements of Palestinian society and religious organizations that sometimes advocate limitations on women’s rights. In the words of gender and human rights advocate Suheir Azzouni: “Palestinian women currently face two major types of obstacles to their rights: those arising from within their own culture and society, and those […]


Beyond Non-Discrimination: A Critical Examination of School Safety, Support, and Inclusion of Transgender Youth


By J.M. Bendett


This paper is part of a larger work focusing on the safety and support of transgender students in private schools throughout New York City. The greater work centers the recognition and visibility for transgender, gender independent, and gender non-conforming identities in a school context and explores the production of social norms to maintain systems of categorization and homogeneity throughout a school climate. This larger work includes actions taken by a number of schools within a small case study to address the value of recognition and the right of all students […]

Beyond Non-Discrimination: A Critical Examination of School Safety, Support, and Inclusion of Transgender Youth2017-12-15T20:33:17+00:00
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