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Note on the Archive:
In the Fall of 2016, the journal formally known as Anamesa was rebranded and became what is now Caustic Frolic. Since the publication of Caustic Frolic’s first issue in Spring 2017 there have been some inconsistencies with the sequencing of individual journals. The individual archive pages for each Caustic Frolic journal are labeled with the correct volume and issue numbers that appear in their print versions. In order to retain the integrity of each issue the Co-Editors-in-Chief have decided not to assign new volume and issue numbers to the previous issues as we build this digital archive. Moving forward, we’ve established an archival system that follows the calendar year. Each volume of Caustic Frolic will consist of two issues: the first being the spring issue and the second the fall, as exemplified with the “Boundaries” and “Fever Dream” issues.