Breaking Boundaries in the Bekaa Valley

Natalie Garland

At a humanitarian conference, hosted by the American University of Beirut, a panel of senior United Nations staff and Lebanese ministers gather to speak. It’s 2019, almost nine years into the Syrian war. A Syrian doctor asks: “who is responsible for Syrian refugees?” The panel unanimously agrees that it is the responsibility of the international community.

Not one Syrian refugee is on this panel. The silencing of refugees and local communities is systematic.

In Lebanon, the gaze is on the Bekaa Valley: the region with the largest ratio of refugees per capita in the […]

Kajmak in Belgrade

Milana Meytes

At a Kafana tucked away in blistering Belgrade, my mother finds Kajmak.

Kajmak is the frothy fat congealed on top of boiled milk on its way to a greater cheese substance. A midway between butter and cream cheese, the dregs of a pot with nothing to waste and no hand to hold. The cream of a country that does not have time or room or fostering because there are other things to do and not waste.

“They have Kajmak?!” Mama exclaimed as she clapped her hands together, reminding me of the times she would […]

On Creating Chhotu: an Interview with Varud Gupta and Ayushi Rastogi

Colin Stragar-Rice

Chhotu: A Tale of Love and Partition, released by Penguin publishing in December 2019, is a graphic novel that, ‘simply put,’ is a coming of age story. However, the context, references, writing, illustrations, and narrative form all make it difficult to ‘simply’ describe the book. Blending personal family histories with the historical memory of the partition of India, the authors entangle personal journeys of growth with the larger political and economic circumstances in which we live. In doing so, the authors interrogate individual struggles and the search for effective means of […]