A Nearby Town

Pamela Carter

I know a woman who imagines hauling
horrible thoughts from a posterior location
within her skull—where she hears these fester—

Afterwards, the women

Jen If

About the Author

Jen If (she/her) writes poetry and prose from life experience about torture and sexual violence. […]

Agave Oracle

Michael Berton

when the tequila runs out
poets in Mexico will write
elegies to honor
los borrachos

Age is Just a Number

Valerie Sopher

in the Botanical Garden, it’s safe
     from people, if you choose the right path
there is an […]


Fred Pollack

A small clean flat in a mixed low-crime
arrondissement. White wife from
a once-Communist family.
No kids. Familiar […]

At Thirteen

At thirteen

Peeling potatoes in my mother’s kitchen
              I never thought I’d ever get to be twenty.


Linda McCauley Freeman


When I was
little my brother
and I would climb

Fear from Fright

David P. Miller

I carried rubber gloves as prophylactics
against alien doorknobs. We scrubbed
our groceries, panicked that our plague
might be as […]

Outside the Frame

Annette M. Sisson

Outside the Frame
                after Remedios Varo’s painting “Rupture”

A woman resists the canvas, her journey—


Linda McCauley Freeman


I put the red wet seed into your mouth
my fingers lingered between your lips
your fingers […]

Postcard from Where You are Not

Susan Schulz

So many things are happening. So many things keep happening you wouldn’t believe it. Or maybe you would. The […]


Susan Schulz

                                   —a golden shovel after […]


Rob Omura


     There is a Zen parable about a warrior who slew his master, and to atone for his […]

The Body, Holy Island of Lindesfarne

Annette M. Sisson

This small earth, the tide’s salt-edged tongues, damp licking. Breath eddies, swells the sponge of lungs, lobes suspended amid sky and sea, exhaling, […]

This is Not a Love Song About Water

Robert Omura

“Let me repeat what history teaches. History teaches.” – Gertrude Stein

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