A Neurodualist’s Weapon

Liam Gehrig Bach

my body is all burns and wires

skin and blood, electricity and fires

heartbeat heat […]

Becoming Song

Mark Strohschein

I am tired

and only want

to try 

nothing more

than to


into sweet, sweet tones

Dancing for the Dead

Merna Dyer Skinner

Forgotten are the living           who disappear 

       into skyscraper sugar clouds        […]

Haiku Collection, Pruned

Liam Gehrig Bach

why place our hands / in reach of forbidden fruit? / that just says, “CONSUME.”

crawling in and out / fleeting emotions […]

lovely morning

Griffin Elliot


    SW     A   BS

Floating through




Black tar roof shingles

Break orderly […]

Manhattan Travel Host

Jeffrey H. MacLachlan

skipped class / junior year

fled rural / jersey

first / time

nucleus / capitalist

manhattan / friday

december / thirteenth

apologies / for pauses

still breath / catching

homeless / slumped

rows / […]

Mutual Friends

Laurel Silverwood

How are you feeling?

  1. A)       I’m fine. 
  2. B)       My blood […]

Pere Lachaise

Griffin Elliot

Bury me

In Pere Lachaise

With my sunglasses on

So my grave will read

“He lays as he lived:

Cool and collected.”

And between the tombs

While leaves fall

And flowers wilt

My bones […]


Robert Beveridge

sweep of hand

puppets flung

to batter


and table […]

What Finally Falls

Jayne Marek

These rhododendron leaves yellow
talismans of neglect. I asked you

to take on the yard, keep it
somehow. Summer

cracked our skins, though

when it’s over

RC deWinter

I had my
toenails painted blue
just because
I could – and
why not? May as well match them
to the rest of me.

All these blues
in different […]

When The Flood Came

Laurel Silverwood

The white dove landed on the roof 

and tumbled down the chimney.

It emerged from the […]

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