After the Divorce

Susana H. Case

Alone, I go to Sounion
for one last Greek ruin on the mainland,
Poseidon looking west. One more day
scratched on the cell wall of my mind,
like Byron […]


Hibah Shabkhez

Country names are odd little sounds when strained
Through the meshes of a many-langue mix;
Sing a pore. Through sun-born trickles of sweat
Or via the skin’s rapture when […]

DREAM #739

Robert Beveridge

Ballizio. Papier-machêd masks
that resemble the Chinese zodiac.
The dancers swap them at will,
toss them across the fire
as if they were water balloons.
One is never sure who is […]

dutch courage

Johann van der walt

white foam strolled on currents
one way from the ocean
that is what they call whites in africa
they say we came from the sea
mermaids shipwrecked
on forbidden […]

Encounter at a Bridge

Adrian Slonaker

Loafing beside the basalt bridge
on the border of Here and There,
of my tongue and yours,
I’m mystified by the mosaic
of laddishness lurking in your skin.
With your ash-stained […]

Green Card Soldier

Carl Papa Palmer

seasonal migrant worker
unwed mother in Arizona
temporary work visa expires
sent back across the border

unwed mother in Arizona
allows her teen-aged son
sent back across the border
the chance to […]

Happens By Itself

David P. Miller

The skinny girl with Little Mermaid
t-shirt teeters her feet on the flats
of a low metal fence. Leaps and lands
on the sidewalk. Yelps […]

Irish Bar Songs

Susana H. Case

Glassware breaks as everyone hugs
everyone, the crowd half-drunk,
whole-drunk—even the nuns drinking pints—
when word gets around
there’s a girl here from New York,

and you’re pulled up from […]

Junkies Outside the Window

Julene Tripp Weaver

A picture window.
We who have keys to the inside
have homes, summer houses,
condos with two bathrooms
and private linear blinds to close.

We look out on a courtyard […]

La Isla de Promesas

Dariana Guerrero

The touch
of experienced hands                       reaching,
searching for an answer
buried in a pit.

I thought I would remember […]

Milwaukee Apartment

Ann M Lawrence

You left her and she took the bread.
But not just the bread, the chocolate syrup too,
leaving your peanut butter and your ice cream
bare. She left […]

More Softness, Please

Dariana Guerrero

If I want you to touch me, I’ll let you know. You
will never. Be confused by the sigh of my breath
or the shape my palm makes […]

Quiz on Evening Sun

J. Marcus Weekley


Reason for being on Earth________________




4. Do you ever get tired of being alive?

a). Truth
b). False




4.  When you get to […]

Reading Jack London on W. 137th St.

Matthew Dischner

Once, I stood on the banks of the Yukon
in the shadow of the Dalton Highway,
my father and I in holy silence
trying and failing to grasp the […]


Frederick Pollack

Town ignored by a highway
in that part of the country
(most of it) that went directly,
long since, from frontier to boonies.
Great rotting Victorians,
some rooming houses still among […]


Ann M. Lawrence

I tried to hold on to the moment
before wrinkles developed on fingers,
wrists, toes. No one told me before

Take Two, They’re Big

Robert Beveridge

By the time it gets to you, the river
is nothing more than a muddy creek.
That most of the […]

The Familiarity of Breakage

Dariana Guerrero

In transit
             body suspended
in motion—a standstill.
In a linear pattern,
I […]

The Onyx Orb

Carolina Isabel Marcos Garza

There’s a something that is harbored
under the floor of my being.
I first spotted it […]

Two Women

Dennis Etzel Jr.

you might sit     in judgment     in fear

of two women     together     next door

as they smile     while they hang out     laundry

work on a deck     complete another     household

chore […]

What Was

Eli Coyle

I tip a beer back in East Harlem
blurring into winter windows.

Outside these panes of glass
there are souls leaving.