16 Shots

Monica Fuglei

On the night on Oct. 14, 2014, the CPD responded to a report of a man carrying a knife walking […]

Abstraction of a Memory

James Bradley

The plucking of a lone, slender
Silver hair—a fair postponement
Of the aging process? Deep lines

Behind the Monument

Max Stone

Ungodly, aching for a while.
Why isn’t this sufficient?
Little sips of pain.
I knew […]

Not Running

Pamela Hobart Carter

Last week with my daughter, I ran the track
at Hiawatha, unable again to count laps with accuracy.

Pink October

Eli Coyle

Cancer arrived in your house
under the cloud cover of rain
blotting May across paper hearts

I tended to […]

San Joaquin Triptych

Eli Coyle

You are diseased, San Joaquin
can’t you see the cancerous corporations
pinning needles in your chest?

Your keepers in cotton dyed […]

Social Visit

Heather M. F. Lyke

It smells of stale PB & J
and I have left behind my stuffy,