A Parting is Still a Part

Eli Coyle

Near me on the shore, a young woman presses her baby to her breast, a young man is a father and I am getting older […]


Anna Laura Falvey

I stand with the god, rooted

beside me on the subway platform–


As the stage, I smear my face

with mourning grime.

My grinning,


sweet deerhead god licks their […]


Mary McCarthy

All teeth and tongue

stain the stolid morning

Fall Back to the Foxholes of Nothingness

James Bradley

Though days of persecution be endless,

Though nature denude you, clown, of your art–

Fall back to the foxholes of nothingness.


The power that restrains Mind is mindless,

Fool, […]

In my right mind

Heikki Huotari

Out of extrasensory perception, out of universal consciousness. The

hornet swarm that doesn’t scoff at prodding is the hornet swarm that

fades. Yea though I walk in […]

Incident in the Tunnel

Kate Stanner-Maxwell

yells the flashing neon font above my head, all caps

and all […]

My Mother’s Strainer

Diana Raab

orange painted metal

with equal sized holes

stood on our kitchen counter

beside the ceramic sink.


it collected old coffee grains,

orange peels, prune pits,

and dead flowers from the garden

she […]

My Scheme

Ben Nardolilli

in your country

I wait

for a response:


“best regards

for more



-if you are

willing to work



I am looking

to invest

in real estate-

About the […]

Out of Control

Selena Cotte

In many ways I am like a bomb

and I do fancy […]


Mary McCarthy

Don’t patronize

don’t tell me there are no rules

when I seem to have broken

most of them, enough to think

it would be wise to post a sign

“Rocks […]

Roaring Twenties

Olivia Thorne

Falling through

The shelves of school

I had been pushing against

Since I was as tall as the first plank

run rabbit

Nathaniel Chew

I am saying it:

this poem is about loss

and still

it will read at a slant–

metaphor for:

social distance

death (duh)

Tomorrow Could Be a Sonnet

Valerie Sopher

tomorrow is another day

we’ve seen before

another day of dodging exhales

the sun again falling and getting up

glowing horizons stretched thin […]

Treatment Plan

Jade Wootton

Shallow breaths in my chest pulse like a hummingbird’s wings 

So I decide

I am going to walk the same route every morning without my phone 

I am […]

Whereabouts Unknown

Eli Coyle

My face feels like an emotional relief map

forever wet


My pockets are full of handkerchiefs 

that never dry 

My green corduroys lie crumpled 

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