A Poem About the Moon

Valerie Sopher

I am not putting lemons in this poem.
They’ve been taking up too much
screen time lately and people
are starting […]


Jennifer Luckenbill

She stands alone in a field,
tan prairie grass tinged with
red stretching to the rolling hills.
In one hand, a […]

At the Elysian Diner

Maureen Cosgrove

A woman in a poppy-print tent dress and a man sporting
a mud puddle-color mock turtleneck sweater take turns 

spinning yarns that […]

Come Daughter, Enter My Kiln

Mary Ellen Talley

I have never been satisfied with my own pieces

See how rough and thick the saucers are

I see my script embellishes your jacket
gloves pants cap […]

Dear Joe

Kenny Likis

We meet at last.  

I heard your name for decades but never took you seriously. I thought of you as a minor artist […]

Fever-Dream, A Poem

Kenneth Butterfield


How quickly can a little nation die?
As quickly as she can let down her hair.
It isn’t right; but then, life […]

Fujita 5

Lara Hamidi-Ismert

My father used to warn me
about tornado-people—
those addicted to breaking
precious things. He said
they are sometimes unaware


Eli Coyle

Two suns like art you rose again                         In the daylight of tangerines
Beneath the binaries of […]

River Rentals

Madeline Hof

I let the sign say River Rentals
it didn’t make sense, we were nowhere near water
who would rent anything river needed […]


Mary Warner

Did you hear
about the sphinx
in the high school basement?
She says she’s been

Tick-Tock Ad Hoc

Mary Ellen Talley

The grandfather clock knows all about dissection. Frogs stop ticking quicker than chickens. A tight man inside keeps dropping parts as he stretches […]

Zunguka Zunguka

Frederick Livingston

Ruti began with a reed in each hand.
She wove strands up and down
around and around,
zunguka zunguka.

Her […]