Mina Abida


Hijab Ahmed

We dedicate this issue to those who resist daily and endlessly.

We take this publication as a space to acknowledge the climate in which this issue was born, in the midst of injustice and violence. These past months have been full of anger, sadness and grief over the tragedies that have been persisting throughout the world. As students, scholars, writers and artists, we wanted to create a space in which we could channel these emotions and share our experiences and willingness to resist with one another.

Art is a space of expression. It is also a space of resistance. In our Spring issue, we want to celebrate this. Because Spring is a symbol of renewal, we hope that this issue inspires you to continue resisting in order to birth a better world.

May the resistance continue to move us. May this issue move you, reader.

Nobody is free until Palestine is free.


We would like to thank our staff of talented writers and editors, as well as our faculty advisor, Emma Heaney, for all of their time, generosity, and expertise this spring. A special thanks to XE faculty, Lori Cole and Nicole Pandolfo as well. We could not have achieved this issue’s publication without the support of our team.