Gabby Pardo

Dear readers, contributors, and staff,

Globally, we have been living in a world of static, confusion, limbo. The idea of being stagnant and confused has always intrigued me, from continuously living in a city that is fast-paced, and having an extraverted personality. So how can creators take this time, and write about their interpretation of limbo? How has limbo made a drastic change in life? More importantly, how can we use this time of limbo to create greater things?

I first came across limbo when studying abroad in Florence, and having a professor assign us to visit Piazza del limbo. This is where unbaptized children were buried, and stood in a state of limbo. When visiting the small square, I
remember feeling the mystery, curiosity, and connection to this spot. So let’s explore our own weirdness and stagnant states.


We would like to thank our staff of talented writers and editors, as well as our faculty advisor, Kimon Keramidas, for all of their time, generosity, and expertise this spring. We could not have achieved this issue’s publication without the support of our team.