Harry Huang & Lore Skoulatos

Dear readers, contributors, and staff,

When Lore and I first got involved with Caustic Frolic, neither one of us expected to become editor-in-chief. We joined the journal because writing was what we loved, and being a member of Caustic Frolic meant being closer to writing. And when an opportunity arose for us to become senior editors, we both leaped at it, because, again, it brought us closer to the craft we loved.

This semester, as co-editors-in-chief, we have become closer to the journal than we’d ever thought possible. In the process, we learned together, grew together, and occasionally laughed together. It wasn’t always easy. Lore and I held countless discussions (some might call them arguments) about what was best for the journal, including the theme of the Spring 2023 issue, which, sure enough, turned out to be the opposite of closeness.

But, of course, we both knew we were onto something with Distant. There was just something so raw and impactful about the weird and nonsensical ways people found intimacy through estrangement. So we ran with it. And now, here we are. It’s already spring, almost summer, and the issue is about to get released. We didn’t know that editing a literary journal would feel this way. We didn’t ever imagine that we would have the chance to work with so many talented people, so many talented writers, so many talented editors. Thank you. This issue was truly a labour of love.

We wouldn’t have wanted to do it with anyone else.

Stay close,

Harry & Lore


We would like to thank our staff of talented writers and editors, as well as our faculty advisor, Emma Heaney, for all of their time, generosity, and expertise this spring. We could not have achieved this issue’s publication without the support of our team.