by Bruno Manfredi

1) The Baptism: fee minutes after to get out from the limbo.
Photographer my uncle Carlo Vacchieri the priest.
My father and me
My restauration.
2) Gustav Dore 1832 1883 claasical/romantic Limbo
Studying Dante Alighieri at the high school. Getting out from the childhood.
You can found the image everywhere.
It’s a photo of myne from a book of my friend (2021).
My photo
3) Ireland. 1972
It’s my initiation journey. The first trip alone, a march for peace (bombs etc).
The photographer is unknew Perhaps a priest, don Tato. He died. It’s my work restauring some analogic film and discovering my self in the dark ess
4) My crisis. 
A selfie of my eye. I’m the photographer too. Like a macrophoto
5) The ghost
2020 during the the lockdown. My photo of a painting of my daughter Tatiana Manfredi

About the Artist

My art name is Photosinthewind Art and creativity against all violences.