Order and Chaos – How would we know what light was if darkness didn’t exist?

by Emma Kendall

21.5cm width x 28cm height, biro, pencil, and highlighter pens

About the Artist

I graduated from Textile Design at Bucks New Uni UK with a 1st in 2016. I went straight to London to pursue a career in design, aiming to intern with a big designer fashion brand, and then work my way up from the bottom. Quickly I became disillusioned with the fashion world and my place within it, and trained to be a personal trainer, so that I could continue my own freelance artistic practice on the side. Before and between Covid lockdowns I painted several murals, before I succumbed to the temptation to ‘get a normal job’ and my creative artistic practices have been put on the back burner. I was inspired by Caustic Frolic’s call for submission email to have a spontaneous crack at drawing again, especially since the theme resonated significantly with my interests in this crazy time. Thank you Caustic Frolic for your work and this brief, giving me the inspiration to draw again!