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Notes from Underground: Revisited Reflections

And I wish you never made love to me like you wanted to breathe me in like air, gulping me like milk dripping from strands of hair. Whatever. I don’t really care. Today I only taste those nights in New England on MBTA trains in autumn. The Providence to Boston line in November, when especially cold, is one of the only times I remember that train filled with the excitement of youth. You. You see, unfortunately, you are the first Great Depression. I don’t know how to write fiction because of you and for that I want to commend […]

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On the Border Grind

Buena Vista[1]

A secret: the Rio Grande Valleys first legit skatepark is a living exhibit of border history.

by Jonathan Leal

In the early 2000s, the City of Edinburg opened Buena Vista. Sitting at the intersection of Sprague and Jackson, just down the street from the local university, the prized H-E-B, the beloved CoffeeZone, the booming Luby’s Cafeteria, the last Blockbuster Video on Earth, the skatepark today beams like a […]

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Discarded Princesses

A box of princesses under a bed
Lies their limbs tangled, hair askew, dirty faces as if there has been a massacre.
Naked, half naked, their clothes torn off by greedy hands
That do not understand
Or care, really.
Snow White in rags
Cinderella so long getting ready for the ball
Walk home in the rain shoeless
Sleeping Beauty her eyes closed and then the man comes and falls before her in a tussled
Drunken state
But how dare she, how dare she sleep like that?
How dare she?
And Belle – beauty
I was always Belle it didn’t matter if she was beautiful because she read
And […]

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This Is How Your Life Begins

By Geeta Tewari

September 11, 2001, 12:01 a.m.: your twenty-first birthday. Also, International Day of Peace, according to the United Nations. You knock on Ethan’s door and ask if you can lie next to him. This is your senior year at Cornell University, and you remind yourself that now, today, you’re officially an adult. You had met Ethan in the spring of junior year, when you sat next to him on a birch-colored chair in the back of 314 White Hall for “China and the World.” You had arrived seven minutes late for that first class. […]

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In Spring

By Saronik Bosu

The bougainvillea

like so much
of Sylvia Plath’s blood
shall lurk
within your


Sometimes the trellis
will couch your clauses
in comfort, yes.

often, bless you,

your verbs
your breathless verbs

shall find their ire
in its thorn and fire

Saronik Bosu is pursuing a Ph.D. in English at New York University. Although he has been writing poetry for a very long time, he has begun sending his work for publication only very recently. He has been published in a couple of magazines such as the Contemporary Literary Review India and the Minetta Review. He is presently engaged in completing a collection of short essays in verse. His […]

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Strangers Don’t Belong In Your Home

Gal Cohen, Strangers Don't Belong In Your Home, from "Subway Wisdom" series, oil on canvas, 42x86 inches.

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