Fever Dream

Think Warm Thoughts

Allison Whittenberg

The world burns.  The sun stalks.

Can life be sustained off a windowsill’s moisture, a lead pipe’s sweat?  Someone spills the orange juice we’ve been rationing.  It spread more sunshine across the room.  We splintered our tongues lapping it off the wooden floor.

In the white glow of night, a man bursts in and steals thirty-three ounces of water.

I should have shot him, we’re all going to die anyway this way.

As want drips into need, it’s a good news bad news sort of thing.  My once optimistic roommates have long […]

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Once the Trees Danced Beneath the Stars

Maureen Sherbondy

One night when the trees danced circles beneath the stars, townspeople wandered toward the beat. When they arrived in the forest and discovered elms and oaks in their joyful twirling, the people ecstatically began to dance. Nature and man swirled and swayed side by side until a clumsy trunk stomped on a man and flattened him.

“We shouldn’t dance together,” the townspeople said in unison.

The forest of trees bent down in sadness. One tree voiced apology by swishing its branches and bowing. Another tree spilled tears of sap onto the […]

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Beaton Galafa

if i were you
i would not know what to choose too
between the sun and light from the moon.
last night i slept well with my face stuck
into bits of wood we grew old on
& felt your hand stretching into a corner
in a dream with a fly on a curtain
& toilet walls. i etched my nightmare
with a joke about two or three little devils
on the fence outside our home startled
with the sun-ness of my wife & the cacophony
of two fine dogs growling in the winds.
i am a papyrus rotting on a riverbed
rooting for […]


The Capture

Maureen Sherbondy

A woman wakes up to discover her body entombed inside a spider’s web.

“Put me down!” she yells at the giant, long-legged arachnid.

“I’m still hungry.” The spider rubs two legs together like utensils. “You’ll satisfy my appetite for days.”

The woman wiggles her fleshy body, but it’s no use. She can’t shimmy out of the tight net.

“I’ll find you a squirrel to devour. There’s plenty of those in the yard.”

“Nah. Don’t care much for squirrels. Too gamy.” The spider opens her mouth, saliva dripping out. “I prefer humans; […]

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Final Look

J. David Liss

Final Look

1. Aglow, Alive

2. Dreams Adrift

3. His Important Work

4. Haunted

Aglow, Alive

Returning to New Jersey from Memorial Sloan Kettering where their son lay meant traveling around two sides of a square. Tonight it was the East Side, and they moved along the FDR Drive, perched on the edge of the East River as they made their way amongst the glowing, speeding, halting cars, each shining like a cell that has sucked up sugar and radiation to set it alight.

These five boroughs of a city laid out […]

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In the Dark

Adrian Ludens

I wonder why there are suicide notes and murder confessions, but not vice versa. Whoever heard of a murder note? Not me. Sometimes a smell brings to mind a song. Sometimes a song brings to mind a memory. But a memory never conjures up a smell. Something should be done about that.

My wife. She’s done a lot of things I regret. Irresponsible. Reprehensible. Clandestine. Told a lot of lies. Fudged a lot of truths. While I spent all night searching in Constantinople, she was banging in Istanbul. Such bull. It’s […]

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Good Boy

Jacob Moniz

A man I’ve met only an hour before rubs my back and kisses my neck, his lips thin and wet, deformed by foreign speech. Most likely Dutch, but I can’t know for sure. He’s tall and he’s blond, traditionally handsome, but this is Amsterdam on a holiday weekend. The hostels are full-to-bursting with drunk and horny tourists of a varied, seemingly endless supply. I am naked and my body responds to his hands as they should, melting like butter. His hands are soft: not the rough and calloused sort of my […]

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Robert Beveridge

It rains cannoli in that little
town in the Balkans, you’ve
heard, where you plan
to honeymoon once you’ve
found the perfect pair of onyx
shoehorns. Ever since you
cut yourself skiing, though,
they’ve been harder to come
by; you never thought you,
of all Eton dropouts, would be
able to claim such influence
over the weather, the Nigerian
economy, the nomination
process for American Kennel
Club justices. A few bugs
in the right ears, though, and
boom, the media scrutinize
the beer brat preparation
techniques, CD collections,
and closet corners of every fine,
upstanding rapist in a five-
county radius. What is the world
coming to? No, matter,
the screwdrivers are chilled, lacrosse
match […]

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Howie Good

I met an alien named Stevie behind McDonald’s who said if I got the cash together, he would take me and my wife on his flying saucer to his planet that was made entirely of drugs. At first I wasn’t sure. But then I was like, “OK, why not?” Our own planet already had blocked tear ducts. Unfortunately, I couldn’t come up with the money in time, just some “white boys” (the street name for Xanax). A year later, pigeons strut around outside the McDonald’s with tiny cowboy hats glued to […]


None of these Words Mean What You Think

Mary Birnbaum

The word awake means dreaming in the moonlight.
You carefully place your feet, one by one,
in the shadow pool. Your ankles are stiff with un-
remembered nightmares. The moon radiates
the spirits of the dead, bone hands trying to erase
the night’s oblivion. The sky crowds with dirty
radiant loops of smog. Radioactive means sent
from a restless place—invisible, pacing, sweating.

A dirge is a sad boat. You hear snatches
of memory songs spilling out of the moon’s hull.
Waves are signals looping from boats, sound waves
that rock, rhythmic, then gradually fall asleep,
like exhausted new parents, just as the next […]

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