Editor’s Note


Over the last two years, I’ve had the pleasure of participating in the complete upheaval and rebranding of this journal into the unique publication it has become. Looking back on process of reshaping our journal, I can’t help but notice the parallel between Caustic Frolic’s evolution and that of the members of its editing team. Even more so than the satisfaction of producing each new and improved issue has been the gratification of watching our team’s growth with publication—not to mention that of my own.

Friction is what results from the resistance of one surface moving against another and so, it has been through the friction of each member of this team’s outward growth colliding with one another that has allowed for Caustic Frolic’s development into the creative and intellectual outlet that we had set out to achieve what now feels like a lifetime ago.

The difficulty, for myself especially, now comes in the form of a different sort of change: a change in leadership. As the majority of this journal’s senior editing team prepares for the next chapter that comes after graduating from NYU, so also begins the next phase of Caustic Frolic. I could not be prouder of the continual effort and output of my fellow cohorts, but it is also with absolute pleasure that our leadership is turned over to the next generation of leaders from The Center for Experimental Humanities. After just one year’s time, the confidence I hold in Caustic Frolic’s new senior editing team is boundless and I cannot wait to see where they usher this journal further.

Warmest regards,
Whitney Davis