Jennifer Luckenbill

She stands alone in a field,
tan prairie grass tinged with
red stretching to the rolling hills.
In one hand, a seed.
In the other, an ocean.
Her feet, bare, baked into
the soil, loaves of bread
rising from the earth,
cresting in yeasty domes. 

If the wind is a lullaby,
she is its melody,
quiet and haunting,
unsung notes echoing
up and down the spine,
humming to the tune of

She’s the silence in between,
the tune before memory,
the whisper only heard
in the marrow of bones.

About the Author

Jennifer Luckenbill is a freelance writer, editor, and artist currently living in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. She has master’s degrees in women’s literature and library science. She has been published in journals such as Red River Review, Mused, Black Heart Magazine, and Words Dance. Her story “Roar: A Trio of Shorts” was a finalist for Sundress Best of the Net Anthology for 2013.