Eleonor Botoman

Know the signs of heat-related illness 

one day, it’ll be so hot
all the insects in the neighborhood
will goey up into a
crackling molasses of wings 

Check your local weather so you can be prepared. 

shredded up into their own iridescence
welding splintered thorax
to antennae crisped and boiled
into a humid lump of feeling 

Find a place to get cool. 

how that deathly caramel
will slide onto the crackling streets
how those bodies of liquified pollen
will still smell so sweet

About the Author

Eleonor Botoman is a critic and poet based in Brooklyn, New York. Her writing has appeared in C Magazine, Artforum, Dream Pop Journal, Sunlight Press, BUST Magazine, The Mantle, and more. A former sketchbook librarian, she now studies in NYU’s Experimental Humanities program. When she’s not reading science fiction or visiting museums, she’s working on her newsletter, Screenshot Reliquary.