J. Marcus Weekley


Reason for being on Earth________________




4. Do you ever get tired of being alive?

a). Truth
b). False




4.  When you get to the end of your life, you see a building shaped like the Guggenheim Museum. If you haven’t been to the Guggenheim (pronounced Goo-Gen-Hime) Museum, stop and look it up on your phone right now. I’ll wait. Do you see how that building would look at the end of your life? Okay, now, you walk in, stare up from the bottom floor and see birds, hundreds of birds (not crows, bluebirds) flapping and squawking and shitting all over the place. Do you:

d). True or Falsification?
c). That’ll be the day-ay-ay when I die.
b). I’m gonna live forever, like Snow White or the Hunter with the Big Axe.
a). What is the point of this quiz? (What is the point of any quiz?) What is the point of testing one’s self in life? (Too many questions?) What is the point of life? Is all of life a test?




4. Fuck you. Fuck your mother. Fuck your boss. Fuck your life. Fuck you.

c). False truth.
c). Before Fuck there was Fornicate. Before Fornicate there was no word for it.

c). There isn’t a better way to say this: it’s not you, it’s me. (can we still be friends?)Do you want some ice cream?

c). I’m not funny; I’m drawn that way.


4. Look in the general direction of the sun. If you’re indoors, stop and think about which direction the sun currently faces. Consider how you would live your life if you were blind, spiritually, not physically blind. Consider which direction you will face when the moon rises and falls. It always falls. And always rises.

b). Keep it real. Use Ajax.
a). Surely thou art more temperate

From the East side to the West side
I would break into blossom
To everything, there is a season
d). (I asked why you’re on earth, but I don’t know why I’m here; I’m in prison, the prison of my body). Once upon a time, there was a little person. They grew up to be a bigger person, with some appendages, maybe a head, maybe some hair, and some guts. They wanted to be something else, to become more than fate designated them. They tried many times. They failed many times. They succeeded at some things. They failed many times, like a bad train conductor. They arrived at the end of their being. They had questions. They gave up the ghost unwillingly. They had many questions.

c). Rest.