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A SKIN THAT SINGS: Movement, Mycelium, and Corporeal Choirs

Iván Espinosa

Scattered throughout the worlds of soil and sprig, there is family of small creatures whose lives emanate both sensation and transformation.  Carved into their flesh are brown waves of Earth, and beautiful wrinkles of wisdom.  Not far from the communities they nurture and grow, are towering trees that span generations.  This is the landscape — and soundscape — of the Mycelia. And at the heart of where they live, everyone sings, everything resonates in the rippling sounds of soma […]

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Landscapes and the Living

By Iván Espinosa

“Passion Flower” (oil on canvas) by John Francis Peters

Last Fall, I attended an exhibition at The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) called “Kelly Reichardt: Powerfully Observant.”  It was a mid-career retrospective highlighting six feature-length productions created by the New York-based independent filmmaker that have, since production, earned critical acclaim. Her intensely perceptive, often slow-paced films have been celebrated for reflecting a tremendous sense of landscape.  Her camera work relies on vast still terrains, capturing rich colors of luscious Oregon greens and Pacific Coast waters. In fact, […]

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Ride on the Magic Mushroom

By Ivan Espinosa

Recently, I went to the famed Union Square Greenmarket for the first time and was blown away (albeit shoved aside several times) by the sheer grandness of the place. I somehow managed to wobble my way through the thousands of market shoppers and hundreds of farm stands to a quaint mushroom vendor towards the middle of the square. Portobello, crimini, shiitake, white button, oyster — the fresh bounty was more than enough to make any shroom aficionado drool. I ended up buying a pound of each.

Since childhood, mushrooms have worked their magic on me. I practically lived on […]

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