Spring 2017

On the Border Grind

Buena Vista[1]

A secret: the Rio Grande Valleys first legit skatepark is a living exhibit of border history.

by Jonathan Leal

In the early 2000s, the City of Edinburg opened Buena Vista. Sitting at the intersection of Sprague and Jackson, just down the street from the local university, the prized H-E-B, the beloved CoffeeZone, the booming Luby’s Cafeteria, the last Blockbuster Video on Earth, the skatepark today beams like a […]

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Black Mirror 2

From Subway Wisdom series.

Gal Cohen is an Israeli American artist (born 1986), working primarily with painting, drawing, and installation to critique dominant modes of normality. She uses different strategies such as Irony, vertigo, displacement, bitter sweetness, and dark humor to create her self-reflective art.

Gal’s artistic practice explores potential interactions between facts and fiction as her main ambition is to generate new narrations concerning collective memory, social inherited conventions, history, identity, gender, and otherness in contemporary societies. Living and working […]

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Moving Still

I am interested in articulating the invisible. Within my Urban Artifacts series, the mundane plays important; along with the flowering of the potential in all things and moments.”   -Annette Tacconelli

As a professional studio artist, Annette Tacconelli creates intimate, beaded sculpture, utilizing traditional fiber techniques in non-traditional ways. She has exhibited extensively nationally and internationally.  Her collectors range from major art m

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Kar at the Dream

by Margarita Milton

The Crow dropped down onto an evergreen,
She was almost ready to have breakfast
But fell into deep thought,
While holding the cheese in her mouth.
To her chagrin, a Fox ran close by.

                                         Ivan A. Krylov,
                                             The […]

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