Yvonne Welman

“My work is a personal reaction to social issues.”

Yvonne Welman’s sense and purpose in life are her paintings. She uses them to make people more open minded about the social and philosophical issues, to see if they agree or not. She creates visual stories about her experiences and ideas.

Beauty and traditional painting can attract and give more willingness to at least try to understand.  She uses color, composition, materials, icons to reach her goal.

She wants people to understand that we need a world with high moral standards and to show compassion! Learn from history. She is often indignant about what is happening in society.

She lives in the Netherlands and has  a master degree in Art/Art history. The artist works in a layering technique in acrylic on canvas. She received awards in Italy, Germany, France, Switzerland, U.K, U.S.A, Holland.