“This image was created by moving the camera in an arc during a long exposure photograph of a firework finale at a lake on the Fourth of July. While most people enjoy the symmetry and color of the lights in the sky, and some revel in blowing shit up, others – including people experiencing PSTD, neurologically atypical people, small children, and the entire animal kingdom –  have to suffer through an annual warzone simulation. By capturing the finale as a mass of crazed lines, I sought to visualize the sonic chaos that these explosions wreck on their surroundings while concurrently representing the overwhelming anxiety and panic these noises can trigger.”
Rafal Swiatkowski

Fireworks Finale

by Rafal Swiatkowski


About the artist…

Rafal Swiatkowski is a Polish immigrant who grew up in the cornfields of Indiana. A graduate of Indiana University in sociology and religious studies, he currently works at IU on the Bicentennial Oral History Project, and spends the bulk of his free time on photography and writing.