Fireworks Finale


“This image was created by moving the camera in an arc during a long exposure photograph of a firework finale at a lake on the Fourth of July. While most people enjoy the symmetry and color of the lights in the sky, and some revel in blowing shit up, others – including people experiencing PSTD, neurologically atypical people, small children, and the entire animal kingdom –  have to suffer through an annual warzone simulation. By capturing the finale as a mass of crazed lines, I sought to visualize the sonic chaos that […]

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A SKIN THAT SINGS: Movement, Mycelium, and Corporeal Choirs

Iván Espinosa

Scattered throughout the worlds of soil and sprig, there is family of small creatures whose lives emanate both sensation and transformation.  Carved into their flesh are brown waves of Earth, and beautiful wrinkles of wisdom.  Not far from the communities they nurture and grow, are towering trees that span generations.  This is the landscape — and soundscape — of the Mycelia. And at the heart of where they live, everyone sings, everything resonates in the rippling sounds of soma […]

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