The Camaraderie of the House Fire

By Megan Maloof Your oven has been on all day, Scarlet embers from your cigarette fall into the recycling bin The curling iron is curling the plastic of your countertops- Whatever it is,  Your house is on fire. Family photos and garbage burn the same way. Faces peak from between curtains to look down on [...]

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Olive Ave., 12:46am

By Ian Thompson The drunken man on Olive wears a shirt that reads I need a chica from Costa Rica! below the outline of a nation poverty-stricken but known by outsiders for its tranquil beaches—just as my city is more associated with a haunted cruise liner than the ghosts of those killed on its streets, [...]

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Visiting an Old Friend

By Ian Thompson Strung above your mother’s slatetiled patio, gleaming orbs wobble with the breath of night— like pendula. I’m counting soggy Dorito morsels that soar as you speak, a few finding their way to the feet of this deck chair, upon which I sit in a defensive lotus pose. You want to make a [...]

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A Reflection on Uncle Leonard

By Ian Thompson If one had asked you why your career in the arts never flourished, you would have shrugged perplexedly. the stub on your right foot— what remained of a toe you’d sheared off to avoid being drafted—a sign of the madness that all geniuses must possess. Today, I read about a sculptor who [...]

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By James Bradley Artificial Intelligence Of riot police—their padded limbs Tangled tightly in a black veil Of plastic & synthetic fire Breastplates of jacinth, brimstone And triangulating 'chips Capable of locating each Secret, inevitable thread Of subliminal contrition Within a heterodox tract hid, Their rods of absolution Humming a simple melody For scores of black [...]

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Discarded Princesses

A box of princesses under a bed Lies their limbs tangled, hair askew, dirty faces as if there has been a massacre. Naked, half naked, their clothes torn off by greedy hands That do not understand Or care, really. Snow White in rags Cinderella so long getting ready for the ball Walk home in the [...]

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Interstate 77

By Johnathan McCauley   I fell asleep at the wheel once, on my way north to Pittsburgh. Easily lulled into dreams by and of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Car horns blared from the other lane along with sounds of metal grinding against rock my chest thrown and yanked back by the seat belt. One hundred [...]

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In Spring

By Saronik Bosu The bougainvillea like so much of Sylvia Plath's blood shall lurk within your sentences. Sometimes the trellis will couch your clauses in comfort, yes. But often, bless you, your verbs your breathless verbs shall find their ire in its thorn and fire Saronik Bosu is pursuing a Ph.D. in English at New [...]

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Kar at the Dream

by Margarita Milton The Crow dropped down onto an evergreen, She was almost ready to have breakfast But fell into deep thought, While holding the cheese in her mouth. To her chagrin, a Fox ran close by.                                          —Ivan A. Krylov,                             [...]

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Frozen Conventional Blueberries

By Matthew Dischner I punched a box today, a three dimensional rectangular prism made of cardboard and containing blueberries, twenty-four packages of frozen conventional blueberries to be exact, one of ten that arrived this morning and will arrive every morning, ad nauseam, until people decide blueberries in their smoothies are no longer desirable. I punched [...]

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