Anya mkpasa

by Lukpata Lomba Joseph

Strange taste?
You were a knight of the night,
Volleying over the walls of McDonalds.
You never thought you needed
The face of a beast, a behemoth perhaps.
You spoke with the voice
Of the old dragon; screamed your steel
Handle and let it out and
The sun blinked on her.
You could feel a deflation in
Your adrenal region as you
Legged it off McDonalds.
They stood staring like victims
Of Morgan le Fay in the straits of Messina
As you dashed through the streets.

And now, you are back to St. Rita.
There is a chewing movement in the crust.
Tectonic plates are swift and
St. Rita is now a little town in McDonalds.

You walk down the room where
You store Don Hennessey,
There she is, watching TV;
You look behind,
She is just about giving up the ghost.
You look through the window,
It’s men in uniform.
You make it through the door
And you see a sign post
Whose inscription starts with an ‘M’.
You don’t feel you should read further;
You don’t feel it’s St. Rita.
You were lying in your bed
While running the corners of your house.

About the author…

Lukpata Lomba Joseph is a contributing writer to an online weekly magazine, Joshua’s Truth. He is a Nigerian poet and essayist. He is currently a student at the University of Port Harcourt. His poems explore metaphysical themes in a humorous manner. His recent works have been found to be satirical with a deliberate focus on morality. He likes reading Aesop’s fables.